Lord Bane Starshine

A Circle of the Moon High Elf Druid


Armour Class

15 (Leather Armour and Shield)

Hit Points

15 (2d8+4)

Ability Scores

STR: 10 (0)
DEX: 14 (
CON: 14 (2)
INT: 12 (
WIS: 14 (2)
CHA: 12 (


Intelligence and Wisdom Saving Throws
Animal Handling, Arcana, History, Perception, Persuasion
Longswords, Shortswords, Shortbows, Longbows, Spears, Clubs, Daggers, Darts, Javelins, Maces, Quarterstaffs, Scimitars, Sickles, slings
Light and Medium Armour
Chess and Herbalism Kits
Common, Elvish, Druidic


Scimitar: +2, 1d6 (B)



  • Chill Touch (INT, +3 to hit)
  • Produce Flame
  • Poison Spray

Level 1 (3 Slots)

  • Charm Person
  • Speak with Animals
  • Entangle
    *Detect Magic


  • Fine Clothes
  • Signet Ring
  • Scroll of Pedigree
  • Wooden Shield
  • Scimitar
  • Leather Armour
  • Explorer’s Pack
  • Druidic Focus (Petrified Goldfish)

I learnt a horrible secret about my family. They even though preaching against it have been absorbing the life forces of animals. This goes against the high elf creed as absorbing life essence is for those below us. When I found out this horrible secret I ran from my family fearful that they may kill me for revelaing their secret. Even though I am not around I care for the people that my family rule over and cannot abide that they are ruled over by frauds. So I have made it my lifes work to rally support from those below and other strong factions to overthrow the throne as it has become unclean and dangerous. My first stop in finding supporters is a party thrown by a Gnome namedDrax Fizzle. Here surely I will find people willing to back me in my cause.
h3. Personality Trait

Despite my noble birth, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood


Noble Obligation: It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath my (Good).


The common folk must see me as the hero of the people.


I have an insatiable desire for carnal pleasures

Lord Bane Starshine

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